I M sad

it’s not just my hair
I’m overcome by oldness
just look at my phone

I’m feeling a little left out. I can’t believe  I’ve missed out on the texting revolution. It seems so fun and pointless. Plus, you get to write in silly code, and make up your own code, and cause people to bust out laughing in math class when they get a silent text from you that’s made of only consonants and symbols and means something about someone’s fat ass.

How could I have missed out on this?

I guess it’s not too late, if I really work at it. But that’s kind of the point. Texting doesn’t seem to be something to work at. You just do it. Plus, I don’t have anyone to text anyway.

I’m old, and yet hopefully (in the only text-ish language I know) I’m still

2 good
+2 Be
4 gotten

2 thoughts on “I M sad

  1. just ditched the crackberry for a regular phone. texting sucks. it DOES make me feel old. Before, I was using my crackberry and people thought i was important…wow, she is doing business right now…she much really be important (which i wasn’t, I just loved sending and receiving emails from my friends)…now I’m texting and teens are probably “LOL’ing” at me…look at that old lady, it takes her forever to send a text….oh well.


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