dinosaurs are cool

big teeth, scales, feathers
not just Halloween costume
or picture of Cher

Hey, so it turns out Newt Gingrich is a big paleontology nerd. I’m really bummed I didn’t know about his talk in Austin yesterday. I would have totally tried to sneak in (which would have been incredibly stealthy as I lugged a chattering 15-month-old, her bag of necessary crap, a sippy cup that would have been repeatedly thrown at people, and possibly a smelly stroller into the conference room. No one would have ever guessed I didn’t belong).

I never really thought I’d have anything in common with Newt, other than the fact that we both know people in Marietta, Georgia. But we’re both geeks for bones, so there you go.

I’ve always thought that when I retire I will split my time between being a volunteer lactation consultant and a person who takes those extended working vacations as an amateur paleontologist (or archaeologist). I can write books while I’m on airplanes and/or while I’m waiting for babies to learn the proper way to latch. I have it all planned out.

Except for the part where I have something in common with Newt. Whod’ve thunk it?

2 thoughts on “dinosaurs are cool

  1. Visit pop and the Woodlands mall. It has a dinosaur yard, complete with buried bones that the kids can dig up (but can’t keep!)


  2. Except for the part where I have something in common with Newt. Whod’ve thunk it?
    I have thought it. I like both of you. You are both nice people who want the best for their kids and the citizens of this country (you just have different views of how to achieve it). Just because you might think that someone is an eeeeeeeeeeevil Republican, doesn’t mean you have nothing in common with them. I like UT football 🙂


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