Fantastic news!

"I just like how he’s always leaning. Against stuff. He leans really well."

My So-Called Life is, like, FINALLY out on DVD. It was out once before? But I don’t know what happened. Now it’s out for real and, like, my whole existence has been waiting for this one moment, you know? This moment in time. And it’s here. And I can, like, feel it breathing down my neck. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to get sucked into a moment of time and never be released. I would totally get stuck in math class or a conversation with my mom. But other people? Other people might get stuck right now.

Please tell me someone else is as excited as I am and that I’m not the only 31-year-old pretending to be Angela Chase on her blog.

3 thoughts on “Fantastic news!

  1. im more like a 24 yr old wanting to date jordan catalano… i probably shouldn’t have been watching this show in elementary school but… i guess it happens.


  2. I’m a 32 year old who just wanted to BE Claire Danes. She just seemed to have it together, in my angsty opinion. Yet her diary perspective showed that, while from the outside she may be pretty, and wickedly smart, and have a great family, on the inside she constantly questioned her experiences and her worth. I loved every second of it!
    P.S. I have never admitted this before 🙂


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