happy Halloween
I have on striped socks today
I’m such a wild child

I went to the wee one’s school today to help with their "fall centers" which is code for "Halloween Party." It was a blast. The wee-er one wore her ladybug hat and sat at a computer keyboard, happily banging away, while I read Halloween stories and fed kids cookies and juice boxes.

I was so impressed with how well the kiddos all bounced from center to center without everything completely devolving into chaos. They made ice cream sundaes and strung necklaces and played bingo and made ghostie lollipops – and they were so well-behaved.

Reading the books with them was great fun. I hope I can go back again for another non-party party.

Now we’re home and it was discovered that the evil puppy chewed the all important M off of the wee one’s Mario costume hat. Dun Dun DUUUUUUN. So I better go fix it. As well as dinner. And then I’m going to eat half a bag of candy because I can’t stop myself.

Mario and the Disgruntled Ladybug say Boo.


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