breakfasty food

potatoes, peppers
saute in some peanut oil
watch me go crazy

I’m having a thing. A thing wherein all I want to eat is potatoes and peppers. Maybe it’s some kind of vitamin deficiency. Or, maybe I have just found a place that serves really good potatoes and peppers. Either way, I can’t stop eating them. And even weirder, I can’t stop thinking about them.

Sauteed potatoes and peppers are the new Johnny Depp. They are the new Tom Cruise from Top Gun. They are the new River Phoenix. If I could have a Tiger Beat poster of potatoes and peppers on my bedroom wall, I would do it.

Now, I don’t want breakfast tacos to be jealous. Certainly, potatoes and peppers have not usurped breakfast tacos’ place in my heart. And, in fact, potatoes and peppers mixed with some salsa and eggs make a fantastic taco all on their own. But my love of tacos and potatoes and peppers is not the same. I can’t explain it.

I’m just having a thing right now. A crush on food. Maybe it’s from not eating for nine days.
Or, maybe I just really, really like potatoes and peppers.

I don’t know. And I don’t really care.


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