I see your future

many cute people
even more cute handmade things
I am way too poor

I went to STITCH today! If you imagine an indie craft show as the harbinger for trends to come, then here are a few things I learned about what Target will be selling in about the next year and a half:

1. Things with owls on them

2. Things with squid on them

3. Things with zombies on them

4. Things made of sparkly vinyl

5. Things with squid on them

6. Things with owls on them

7. Things I still can’t afford

So much awesome, heart-swelling indieness. I feel like I need to find Natalie Portman, hand her an owl and tell her it will change her life.

I bought two shirts, one ring, one wallet, one hilarious greeting card with toast on it, and one tiny original artwork of a blue bean with legs and a smile (that one I gave to the wee one to begin his art collection).

I will take a picture of the ring and show you. You will fall over and weep because of its cuteness.

Also, I saw some bowling bags made of vintage automobile upholstery, with actual car emblems on them. We’re talking bags that say "Charger" and "Valiant" in ACTUAL CHROME LETTERING RIPPED OFF OF AN OLD CAR. They were so amazing that I couldn’t speak. They gave me heartburn because I loved them so. I had to restrain myself from kissing people on the mouth. These bags. Holy shit. $120.

I did not buy one. I guess I’ll have to wait for the Target version. It won’t make me want to kiss people.

I did, however, buy a wallet with a spaceship on it. So there’s that.

One thought on “I see your future

  1. Yep, our own version of Stitch happens in a few weeks here in Minneapolis. I can’t go because I work that day and because of all the cool stuff I can’t buy makes me weep. Maybe next year.


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