So close, HEB. So close.

Dear Mr. Butts,

I totally dig your idea of handing out free, reusable grocery bags
tomorrow. Lord knows I have so many HEB bags in my pantry I could melt them down and create an entire new building big enough to house
another HEB.

However, it seems a little silly to replace plastic bags with other
plastic bags, even if they are resuable for a little while. Now, I’m all for baby steps… I totally understand
there’s probably some kind of complicated psychology thing going on
here. You don’t want to scare away crazy Texans by having them believe
you’re going all soft and environmentalist-y. Even worse, you don’t
want them to think you’re evangelizing pansy tree-hugging. I get it.
Like I said, baby steps.

And yet… why not hand out some sustainable bags? I have a Longhorn shirt made out of bamboo (soft
bamboo. I see you reading this, all, "what the hell kind of
uncomfortable shirt is THAT). It actually holds up really well against
staining and stretching (I’m a mama, in case you’re now thinking other
weird things about me). Bamboo is definitely worth looking into, though
I understand that bags made of bamboo may be something you can’t manage
by tomorrow. I’m realistic. But what about canvas? I know you sell
canvas bags in your stores. They’re right by the checkout counters. My
son swings on them like a mini Tarzan.

I know! How about letting people trade ten plastic bags for one canvas
bag? You know everyone, on average, has 49,000 bags under their sink,
or in their pantry, or in their car, or in the tree in their backyard.
Ten bags is nothing, and yet maybe you’ll feel better about handing out
the fancy canvas bags for free.

What do you say?

You say "This crazy lady has a great idea, dagnabit!" that’s what you
say. Because I imagine you are much like Yosemite Sam, except taller,
and richer, and probably more educated.

Free, sustainable grocery bags. HEBuddy can start wearing tie-dye.

Screw baby steps. Let’s save the damn Earth.

concerned mama

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