I know the pieces fit

a six dollar beer
taste is magnified by price
even if it’s Bud

Have you ever been to an MFA art show? There’s always something to do with twine. And something to do with face-less/genital-less humanoid shapes. And baby doll heads. And dead flowers. Usually you can find a piece with running water imagery, and there are always blueprints of some sort. 85% of the above is done in sepia-toned mixed media.

Basically, the tool concert was like being trapped in an MFA student’s video installation. It was fun, kind of trippy, noisy as hell (both visually and auditorially), and there were lots of weird slightly medical images of creepy monster-human things in sepia tones.

Also, there were big, green lasers.

As the youngsters say these days, the concert was "sick."

An added plus was that this was a very male-heavy audience so I didn’t have to wait in line to go to the bathroom.

The token conservative had fun, too. He even forked over the $38 for a t-shirt. It was $43 for a baby doll t and I just couldn’t do it. I know I’m going to sound like an old fogey here, so please read this part in whatever old lady voice you specialize in: I remember when I could just "borrow" $20 from my mom’s wallet and grab a Pearl Jam shirt with the entire concert schedule on the back and a weird picture on the front. Now? $43? Are you kidding me? OK, you can stop talking like an old lady now.

Even sans tool t-shirt, it was a really fun night. Plus, no one tried to beat up me OR the TC.

Sometimes we can’t even say that about Christmas.

2 thoughts on “I know the pieces fit

  1. Then you must not be a Tool fan, Chelsea.
    I’d have paid double that price (if I had enough cash), just as a thank you to Tool for the literally hundreds of hours of listening pleasure they have provided me over the last decade-plus (that works out to about 20 cents an hour).
    A big thank you to Haiku Mama for an awesome time! And we made it home without a single bruise.


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