they sure do grow fast
seedlings in science movie
with no pause button

Over the past few days, the wee-er one has had a vocabulary explosion. Forgive me while I geek out mama-style and make some notes. I don’t want to forget and DAMMIT someone has run off with all my pens.

At 16.5 months, these are her newest words:

ooos or ooosh – shoes
whoa whoa – no road
eest – toast
muck – milk
ma – Sam
wa-oh – Hello
tash – trash

These are her relatively recent words:

wah – water or walk, depending on context
baybeh – baby or diaper or Tucker (the dog) depending on context
dada – Tucker
dayda – daddy

These are the old stand-bys:

oh-oh – uh-oh
Hi! – Hi!
Bah! – bye!

I think there may be a few more that I’m not remembering, but these are the most common ones. Some, like trash and toast are only every now and then, and others like baby and Tucker are all. the. time.

I tell you what, though, the past few days have been crazy. She’ll study my mouth as I say a word, watching how my lips form. She’s been shooting for better pronunciation, I think. That sounds a little crazy, but this gal has been working hard.

OK. Thanks for bearing with me. Geek out over.

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