why is my eye twitching?

thank you, officer
for highlighting irony
in my fish bowl life

Well, it wasn’t really ironic. I wasn’t speeding to race an asshole. I wasn’t trying to out road rage another station wagon driver. I was just speeding. Like I do. And so I got a ticket.

Still, though, it feels a little suspicious, what with the blog talk recently about bad drivers and whatnot. I can’t help but feel like the fates are messing with me just a little bit.

Also, my husband got a whopper of a ticket (three citations!) a few
weeks ago and I was griping at him about it. I got two (stupid expired
registration. stupid me for not updating it). So now I have egg on my face and we have matching
court dates for Christmas. Just what I always wanted!

It also figures that this is one of the few times the wee-er one was not howling in the backseat. If she had been screaming, would I have gotten off with a warning? If I had been cleverer with my excuse (uh, was it not 70 mph right there?) would I have been blessed with a warning? Alas. We’ll never know.

Is it wrong that I’m seriously thinking about doing defensive driving the old-fashioned way, instead of on the computer? That way I get out of the house for a little alone time. It’s kind of like looking forward to a dentist appointment. Sad, but true. These are things they never tell you when you have a baby…

Still makes my eye twitch, though.


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