Answer: Phffffft Question: What sound does my empty wallet make?

went out and about
less than two hours of errands
out three hundred bucks

Man. Stuff is expensive these days, isn’t it? A trip to the tax office to get my car’s registration renewed, and a stop at the gas station to fill up the trusty station wagon and BAM, there goes a hundred bucks.

Then, a quick in and out visit to the grocery store so that the wee one doesn’t have to use graham crackers for bread in his lunch tomorrow, grab some other staples, fill a prescription and BAM, almost $200… poof! Holy crap!

This is when it becomes of utmost importance for me to curb my online shopping habit. Two album downloads in two days – that’s a 72-count box of diapers right there. (Though listening to Amy Winehouse sing "Fuck Me Pumps" is kind of worth running out of diapers.)

You think Santa will let me borrow a flying reindeer or two? It would totally save me some gas money, and as an extra added benefit I’d be the most popular mom picking her kid up from school (suck it big-boobed Barbie mom!).

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