how can this be possible?

sleeping is so nice
I’d do it everyday
if that was allowed

I’m having a weird thing this morning. For one, let’s just say I’m very, very grouchy. But I slept until 9 am so you’d think I’d be full of energy and cheerful and all that.

Is it somehow possible to have too little sleep and too much sleep at the same time?

Is two days in a row of sleeping until 9 screwing with my head?

Have I become that person – the one who is perfectly fine and functional on 6 or 7 hours of sleep but who totally turns into a headache-y pile of mush after 8 hours? How can this be? I used to be able to sleep a good 12 hours in a row and feel like a superhero. Of course, that was before kids and bills and a mortgage and freelance work and worrying about mean people stealing stuff off of my lawn or worse.

I feel kind of crappy this morning and that’s a bummer. On top of that we’re going to brave the grocery store in a few minutes. HEB on a Sunday. We’re trying to be strategic, though – get there before the churches let out. Will we make it? Will our gamble pay off? My grouchy v-shaped eyebrows vote no. But we’ll see.

I’m going to stay up really late tonight and get up at my ass-crack of dawn regular time in the morning and see how that flies.

Sweet tiny baby Jesus, I miss coffee.

2 thoughts on “how can this be possible?

  1. “Sweet tiny baby Jesus with his fists all rolled up in a ball all curled up with his face scrunched up…Walker, Texas Ranger, get over here!”
    Nice reference!


  2. Whenever I get a chance to actually catch up on sleep after having lived on 6 hours for a while, I’m always more tired the first few days of good sleep. Then I catch up and all is well with the world again.
    Of course I’m going on memory here. I haven’t caught up in a year or so, I think.


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