I was going to regale you

Hilarious stories of grocery shopping, court house annex visits, and the trials of other mundane yet exciting things will have to wait. As I stand here trying to blog (yes, I’m standing and typing as I cook dinner. What? Don’t you do that?) the wee-er one has BITTEN me on the THIGH through my jeans.


The baby wins. Blogging must wait. And I must buy thicker jeans. Or a new kid. Either way.

One thought on “I was going to regale you

  1. My toddler does this to me. But usually he sneaks up from behind and bites my ASS. Really fucking hard. I like your term “poco diablo.” I am going to start using that. His nickname used to be Captain Destructo. Now it will be El Capitan Poco Diablo.
    I’m glad to know I’m not the only being assaulted by my wee one.


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