musings from the road

short holiday trip
many sweets, imodium
we should be home soon

We’re eating our way through north Dallas right now, finishing up the holidays with a punctuation mark made of chocolate and stomach aches. It’s been a swift, fun trip, and I’m looking forward to heading home sometime tomorrow to start getting things back to "normal."

There are definitely things I’m going to miss when I get back home, though, namely nice toilet paper and fabric softener. You never know just how scratchy your towels are (ditto for your toilet paper) until you stay over at someone’s house.

Also, I will miss staying up late with people who are willing to play Scrabble with me even when I shout things like, "SUCK IT, WORDY MCTINYBRAIN YOU’RE GOING DOWN!"

One more thing I’ll miss? The 46 inch LCD flat screen HD TV, glowing with the glory of Verizon Fiber.

Oh, and people who say, "Would you like me to make you breakfast?" after allowing you to sleep until 10 am.

Hell, what am I talking about? I don’t want to go home.

Well, yes I do. Because scenes like this take 5 years off my life (note the Christmas tree covered in antique GLASS ornaments, and the uncontrollable RC car underneath it. eeee):


One thought on “musings from the road

  1. Oh, man. I sat watching my cousins keep an eagle eye on their toddler at my mom’s during Thanksgiving. I had great sympathy for them and do not at all look forward to next year when it will again be our turn to keep tiny hands (and feet and head and everything else) away from crystal and china … is there a word for expensive tchotchkes? Sheesh.


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