I love AppleCare
can’t have New Year without U
keyboard switcheroo

Perhaps it had nothing to do with the fact that I wore my cool new knit hat to the Apple store today. Maybe it was regardless of the fact that not one, but two employees complemented me on my embroidered turtle shirt. But something magical happened today.

I walked into the Apple store this morning, spoke with a "genius," had my keyboard swapped out and was home in less than an hour.


I know!

Usually, my Apple store trips take no less than 3 hours and no less than three days worth of Tylenol to slog through whatever problem needs to be fixed. But today was easy peasy.

So I thank the Apple gods, and the Etsy outfit, and I kiss my new keyboard (but carefully, with no slobber).

I even forgive the "genius" who called me "ma’am."



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