museum tornado

kid in candy store
much to look at, little time
surprising success

I took the kids to the Blanton Art Museum today. Given the wee-er one’s penchant for destroying things, and the wee one’s penchant for not listening to me, you may think this was a task best attempted by a complete nutjob. You would be right.

However – our trip went surprisingly well. The wee one listened and behaved and didn’t jump on any of the art or touch anything; the wee-er one (though she sat in the stroller and easily ripped a hole in the foot of her tights so that her toes could breathe) only screamed a little bit.

We stayed for just over an hour, and out of the three of us I was the only one yelled at by a guard. I just can’t help getting up close to Hans Hoffman paintings. The brushwork, the colors… I can barely contain myself from trying to climb inside them.

I am thrilled at our success today, and I’m tempted to test fate by trying it again sometime soon.

Of course, when we got home, the wee-er one went upstairs, and for no discernible reason, ripped the bottom drawer off my dresser like it was made of styrofoam. The entire face of the drawer – yanked off like the Hulk got pissed while searching for some socks.

I may have to start a new blog: The Wee-er One’s Path of Destruction. Or at least a Flickr set.

At least she didn’t destroy any art today. Well, at least not yet.

One thought on “museum tornado

  1. I took my kids there and we got yelled at twice within ten minutes of arriving. I had the baby’s diaper bag slung over the back of the stroller (you know, for the inevitable poopy diaper change), and a security person yelled at me that food and drinks weren’t allowed in the museum. Um, okay. But this is a diaper bag. Not a food and drink bag, dip wad. And the second time we got yelled at was when I let the older child push the stroller for about ten feet. They did not like that at all. Thought he was going to go crashing into the artwork.
    We went on “kids’ art day,” and it was really, really lame. One of the “activities” was to sit in front of a painting and talk about it. Not exactly riveting for a 5 year old boy.
    My other favorite part was walking into one of the galleries and walking smack into an LED “painting” of an orgy. Niiiiiice. Probably should cover that with a sheet or something on “kids’ day.”
    My oldest did enjoy the room of Roman and Greek statues. “Mommy! He’s not wearing any pants!” Everyone in the room got a chuckle out of that.
    I’m hopeful that when they are older we can go back and get more out of the experience than penises.


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