drawer guy

would be nice to live
in different dimension
where time don’t matter

While I’m waiting for the dude to show up to fix my cabinet drawer, I figured I would let you all know about two new words I’ve learned in the past couple of days. Thanks to Phillip Pullman and a movie review in Time magazine I can now use the words "tussocking" and "fuliginous" each in a complete sentence.

"The tussocking meadow makes me sneeze."

"Hopefully, the fuliginous walls of the cave were proof that the missing spelunkers had camped there for the night."

Reading does make you smarter! Or at least more capable of writing cryptic sentences.

In an unrelated note, I’ve been wearing my hair in pig tails lately, and the wee-er one has learned that while I’m sitting, she can get behind me and grab a pig tail in each hand, directing my screams, much like Little Chef does in Ratatouille.

In even more unrelated news: where the hell is that drawer guy?

One thought on “drawer guy

  1. Run a Google search on Tussocking and HotD is in the number 2 spot. You know how hard sites try and win that kind of key position on a search term?! Now if you could only monetize it by selling mushrooms or shoots of some kind 🙂


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