Happy Thousand Times Day*

*I totally stole this from a child. Beck, I owe you a royalty payment.

wearing red skull shirt
not really punk rock, not hearts
it’s a perfect blend

Last night, the wee one was crying because he was over tired and pissed at trying to tape little packages of M&Ms to his valentines.

"Why are you crying?" I asked.

"Because every time I see the color red it makes me think of Valentine’s Day and that makes me angry and frustrated."

I think I can say with some certainty he is not alone in that sentiment. Though this morning he was very excited to go to school to see what kind of haul he’s going to get.

You know, nowadays your kid has to bring a valentine to every kid in the class or none of the valentines can get passed out. When I was little, I would labor over a list of kids in my class, deciding who was worthy of the messily ripped pieces of paper that said things like "Strawberry Shortcake Loves You and I do, too!" Then, after class, everyone would dump out their paper bags of Valentines and see who got the most (not me, though I was always safely in the middle ground).

I am going to go make a key lime pie now.

Ever since seeing the movie Waitress I can’t shake the compulsion to make and eat pie.

This pie that I’m about to attempt is going to be called the "It’s Not Really A Valentine’s Day Pie But Rather An I Amazingly Have All The Ingredients And I Love You Key Lime Pie." And I’m going to try to make whipped cream with whole milk because I don’t have any whipping cream and I am too lazy to go to the store. Is that going to work? I’ll let you know.

In other confectionery news, check out this kick ass tart I made for my friend. It’s called the "I’m Glad You’re My Friend And Don’t Think I’m A Stalker Vanilla Berry Tart"


5 thoughts on “Happy Thousand Times Day*

  1. HA! I think Beck has started a movement. Now I just need to figure out a thousand times of what, and I can make some money off this thing. 😉 Is it the day when the kids don’t do the things you have told them a thousand times not to? Or the day you don’t say “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you…” no matter how badly you want to.


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