Want! Want!

Just finished watching last night’s Project Runway, and you guys? Did you see Jillian’s dress? Not the one she designed, but the red and white striped one she was wearing while she worked?





The TiVo is paused so I can walk in the room and bite my fist every time I see it.

Would I look as adorable as she does in it? Probably not, but you know what? If it fit me as well as it fits her I would feel adorable, and that’s all a girl really wants.

Love it. Want it. Must find it. Now.

2 thoughts on “Want! Want!

  1. Sadly, I did not really notice because I’m usually too aggravated by her whining about not having enough time to do anything.
    I would love to see Chris win it, but I think Christian will fierce them all away.


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