Dear Asshole Who Stole My Debit Card Number,


You suck.

And also? While I am all for saving the earth, I am not all for giving $5,000 to the Environmental Defense Fund FROM MY CHECKING ACCOUNT.

You are lucky I’m poor and that the people at my bank are smart.



3 thoughts on “Dear Asshole Who Stole My Debit Card Number,

  1. *lol* Wow a modern-day Robin Hood. Sorta. That really sucks–thank heavens for smart banks!
    Saw your comment on my blog–I’m honored you stopped by and left a note! 🙂 And I wanted to assure you that you could stop being jealous–she’s not sleeping anymore. I just pulled myself together from a 10 minute crying jag after spending over an hour singing only to have her pop up and start screaming when I tried to get off the bed and leave. And I’m going to do this HOW when the baby is born?!


  2. This happened to us last year in Phoenix. The person tried to donate $5000 dollars to Harvard. Crazy person trying to get their kid into college on our non-existent nickel. I’m so sorry it happened to you. Glad you caught it! And now you get a nice shiny new card.


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