Dear Asshole, Redux

no spendy, spendy
evil bastards make me save
should I say thank-you?

Not only is my debit card down for the count, my credit card is, too. We just noticed fraudulent charges yesterday and had that one canceled, as well.

"Shut it down," I told the lady at the bank, doing my best gravelly Jack Donaghy impression. "Shut them all down." So our last beacon of hope for groceries this week is my husband’s debit card, which has a different number than mine. I kind of think we should cancel that, too, just for good measure. We can dust off the checkbook or rely on the emergency credit card while we wait the 7-10 days for everything to get replaced.

Ugh. I spent last night flagging our credit reports and panicking about identity theft, but so far those are all fine.

Things are always lively at the Haiku of the Day household, aren’t they? Stay tuned for the story of The Wee-er One Falling Down The Stairs As I Almost Dislocate My Knee Trying To Save Her. That one’s a hoot.

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