Debate Liveblog!

It’s irresistible. I think I have to liveblog the Obama-Clinton debate tonight. I mean, how fair is it that it’s on cable when so many people don’t have cable?

Now that I finally have cable I feel that it is my duty, nay civic imperative, to inform you of how many times Hillary smiles with her mouth but not with her eyes, and how many times Obama gazes to the overhead lights, seeking out a mandala of florescence.

7-8:30 central time. Barring any bath time or dinner emergencies, of course.

3 thoughts on “Debate Liveblog!

  1. Durn you blogger, treading into legitimate journalism again (no wonder my business is failing). After my job dies and I come live with you, you’ll be sorry!
    (Just kidding, of course…)


  2. Ha! Make no mistake about it. This will not be legitimate in any way. It will probably also include liveblogging the kids as they are put to bed, and rambling monologues on what movie stars Campbell Brown resembles.
    You can live with us whenever you want. Rent = unlimited childcare. think long and hard about that.


  3. Thanks! We lost our cable on Super Tuesday and won’t get it back until next Thursday.
    Your version was probably more fun than the real thing, anyway.


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