liberal bastion
hippies are going apeshit
debate is tonight!

Mere miles down the street, the Obama and Clinton peeps are furiously preparing for tonight’s CNN debate. Austin is going crazy.

Word on the street is that Hillary and Chelsea will be at Guero’s tonight, in case you want to eat tacos and star-gaze.

I wonder where Obama will be after the debate? Perhaps he will be smiling beatifically in the corner somewhere, eating Hillary’s lunch. Haha. (Yes, Yes, I’ll be here all all week. Yes, yes, I’ll be recycling old jokes the entire time. Try the roast beef, it’s excellent.)

Normally, I’m not big on watching debates. They make me nervous and uncomfortable, with all of the finger-pointing and truth-bending and question avoidance. But maybe this one will be different. Austin loosens people up. If ever there was a debate with the potential to not suck, this would be the one.

Obama, baby, I’m cheering for you tonight. You can come to my house for dinner. We’re having lentil soup.

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