should but can’t. can’t but won’t? don’t know.

I know! I know! I should liveblog the Oscars, but how can I sully it with my ridiculous jokes when it’s going to be so ridiculous on its own?

Love, love the Oscars.


Note – it’s 9:32 and seriously. What is up with Nicole Kidman’s face? Something funky going on there.

It’s 10:54 and the show just ended. Holy crap that was a long one. Before I collapse where I sit I just want to say – Marion Cotillard? Gorgeous. Diablo Cody? Bad ass. The amount of women writers nominated this year? Stunning. It feels like it was a good night for the ladies tonight. But maybe that’s because I’m tired and delirious.

Perhaps I will be one of the millions of people who try to write a Juno knock-off screenplay now. Well, not right now. Right now I have to………….. [we’re sorry, this sentence cannot be completed because the blogger has collapsed from exhaustion and fallen of the sofa. Stay tuned tomorrow for more Oscar-inspired dreams of ripping off successful screenplays and/or hairdos of the rich and famous.]

3 thoughts on “should but can’t. can’t but won’t? don’t know.

  1. hi there, I just happened upon your blog while trying to find a name for mine. We had the same idea, though mine was a little late I guess and not entirely centered on haiku. I wanted to let you know that I put a link to your site in my blog. You made me laugh, I’ll def. have to visit again. Thanks


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