she’s got the fever
the scarlet fever, oh yeah
it is not awesome

I knew the rash looked awfully familiar. I didn’t want it to, but it did. It said, Hi! Don’t you recall my tiny spots and sandpapery texture? And I replied by closing eyes and covering my ears and going lalalalalalala you are just roseola.


But that was just wishful thinking on my part. The good news is that wee-er one’s fever seems to have broken over the night. She’s as cool as a cucumber this morning, and fairly jolly, too. Well, jolly if I never put her down or leave the room or try to reclaim my boobs.

So, if the fever stays at bay, we only have 24 hours until we can remove our gas masks and not worry about contagions. We’re leaving a week from Thursday for some wedding shenanigans in Vegas, and being able to go on that trip WITHOUT all having a 19th century plague would be excellent.

Strep. Boo.

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