counting to 3

blogging is calming
not cathartic like screaming
less traumatizing

The wee-er one is incredibly over tired right now. She didn’t sleep last night. I’m trying to get her down for an early nap and she is vociferously complaining. She’s also playing that fun game where she screams for water, I give her a cup of water, she angrily throws the cup at me, and then screams WATA WATA WATA even louder as if I was the one who took it from her.

So I thought, what are my choices here? Lose my mind and holler at a toddler who’s just tired and recovering from being sick? Find something small and hard – like a shoe or a book – and throw it across the room? Clap my hands really loudly like I do when I need to startle the dog out of whatever mess he’s causing? Or I could sit here, take some deep breaths, and blog.

So blogging it is. I’m trying to be a calmer person. Less hair-trigger, lightning-action reaction, and more thoughtful, patient response. This is probably going to make me explode, so anyone in the lower half of the 48 states, listen for the loud boom.

What I actually wanted to talk about is the really fantastic dress I just bought to wear to the Fancy Vegas Wedding coming up in just over a week. I am so stoked over this dress. I’m actually afraid it’s too nice for me – this level of fanciness is not something often attempted by the Short Girl With Glasses. But I never ever get the chance to dress up, or act like a girl, so I’m going for it full force. And thank god for friends who go shopping with you and talk you out of buying some nice slacks and a white shirt. I am not wimping out this time. I mean, how many times do you get to go to an evening wedding at the Wynn?

Hey! Holy shit! She’s asleep! I’m going to go take a nap. But don’t fret, I’ll be back for more boring self-deprecation and dreams of being rich enough to buy BCBG dresses for everyday wear.

Back. OK. That was a 24 minute nap for me and a 40 minute nap for her. Not great, but I’ll take it.

So now that I have this fabulous dress I’m feeling very spendy. What I am craving is a trip to Sephora, where I can splurge on all kinds of serums and potions and powders and cremes. Also, I need shoes. And maybe a little purse. And the wee-er one needs a dress. And did I mention we are leaving in just over a week?

I am feeling a maelstrom of spending barreling down on me. I will channel all my toddler rage into buying shit that makes my skin soft and that makes the wee-er one seem less like Anton Chigurh, and more like, I don’t know, Glinda the Good Witch?

We have work to do.

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