Yee haw!

birth of a nation
it still seems to be sovereign
nowhere else like it

Today is Texas Independence Day! There are many celebratory shenanigans going on around town today, and I was lucky enough to get caught in all the terrible traffic. Next time I need to go downtown to take back a shirt, remind me to not do it on Texas Independence Day.

Anyway, hooray for Texas! And even though the Alamo fell AFTER the Texas constitution was written, and even though there was that big scary battle in Goliad AFTER the Alamo (where Texas once again got its ass kicked), eventually Santa Ana got the whooping he deserved and Texas became its own nation. For ten years, Texas was its own country, and then it joined the good ol’ USA.

Are you bored to tears, yet? Hopefully not. Texas history is fascinating and crazy and just flat out fun to read about. I know, I know, how dorky can a girl get, but I’m serious.

Just look into Ma and Pa Ferguson, Pappy O’ Daniel, King Ranch, James Bowie, David Crockett… I could on and on. (In fact, just another dorky note here, much of the high schools in Austin are named after these guys. There’s even a middle school named after O. Henry.)

So happy Texas Independence Day, folks. Have a Lone Star, eat some Tex-Mex, get into a fistfight over whether or not Bevo could kick Reveille’s ass, and have yourself a good day.

One thought on “Yee haw!

  1. Need to see that monument to Texas, the San Jacinto oblisque that’s taller than the Washington Monument.
    Houston, of course, is decorated with tons of historical stuff. Want to live in a fancy loft downtown? Try the Hogg Palace, named after James Hogg a former governor, who, by the way, named one of his kids Ima.
    Yep, when asked her name, she would have to say: Ima Hogg.


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