Vegas vacation, part 1

trapped like pissed off rats
not great way to start off trip
and yet it got worse

Yesterday, we spent over 12 hours traveling. Only 3 of those hours were actually spent in the air, though. The bulk of the rest of time was spent TRAPPED. On an airplane. On the tarmac. In a freak March snowstorm. In Dallas.

I can’t even tell you how terrible it was. Can’t even describe the trauma.

Then, we finally got to Vegas and. No luggage! No carseats! No fancy dress! No diapers!

More details to come. Still processing the drama.


3 thoughts on “Vegas vacation, part 1

  1. Oh shit!!! I heard of your adventures through your sis. That sucks! Sending ood vibes your way, hey– maybe you’ll win some moolah!


  2. um, NO WAY. goodness. it’s like the universe is just sending you adventures so you’ll have something new and crazy to post on here. sheesh.
    i got stuck on the tarmac in dallas for 6 hours once years before having kids. it was a nightmare. i cannot cannot cannot imagine that with kids. it makes me want to cry.


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