easter basket resurrection

celebrate Easter
deviled eggs on holy day
mmmm, sacrilicious

We had a lovely Easter cookout today, complete with burgers and hot dogs and chicken and deviled eggs and bacon-y baked beans. I could totally use about 14 deviled eggs right now, as I suddenly find myself famished. I am too lazy to go make some, though. What is a good lazy person substitute for deviled eggs? Not egg salad, that takes just as much work. Begging someone else to make me some egg salad? Hmmm. That is a distinct possibility. Eating bunny ears and watching TV and trying to forget about eggs? Another possibility.

I feel a little bad for not having some kind of holiday debacle to share with you. After The Exploding Easter Ham Pan of Aught Seven, I feel like some sort of bizarre and exciting tragicomedy should have unfolded today. Alas, we ate jelly beans like everyone else, drove in traffic like everyone else, grumped in the car like everyone else, and are now at home like everyone else. I am definitely not disappointed in the lack of drama this year, but I feel like I owe you, dear readers, a story of mayhem.

I’m sure it won’t be too long, though. There are still a few hours until the day is over and I have MORE than jinxed it with this post.

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