finally, an answer

could just charge tourists
earn money, save the hassle
stick it to the man

We got a letter in the mail yesterday informing us that both the city and the builder of our home are being sued. At first I was like, so what, who cares, how does this affect me teaching the wee-er one to not be so crazy? But as I read the letter I was suddenly all omgwtfbbq??///? 

Turns out the city and the builder are being sued by – get this – the ancestors of the central Texas Tonkawa tribe. Basically the suit says that the builder bought the land from the city and didn’t perform any archaeological research before building (which is, apparently, Texas law). Also, the city was supposed to hold off on the sale until the Tonkawa relatives had their own personal investigators research the land, but the city refused.

The gist of the letter was that there’s a chance our house is built on sacred Native American land. And if the Tonkawans win the suit, they will retroactively have "ownership" of the land. The letter was clear that we couldn’t get kicked out of our house, but that we would have to allow them to dig up the yard – and possibly under the foundation – in search of burial artifacts.

Now, I am huge fan of both archaeology and Native Americans. However, I am not a huge fan of having strangers dig up my yard and futz with the structural safety of my house. On the one hand, it would be nice to have proof that the reason the wee-er one has been so crazy is because she lives on an Indian burial ground. On the other hand, turning my house into a dig that could last for years is very unappealing.

Of course, we the homeowners somehow have no say in any of this. Possibly because Texas law is jacked up and possibly because this is all an april fool’s joke and therefore absolutely 100% false. Either way, Indians are cool and I am hungry so I’m ending this post before it gets any longer.

2 thoughts on “finally, an answer

  1. You got me! Of course I haven’t had internet for three days, so I didn’t realize what day you wrote this. But IT SOUNDS JUST LIKE GOVERNMENT NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES, that I forgot to look at the date.
    Great writing!!


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