such an old lady

exciting morning
guys with grillz performed magic
carpet is so clean!

I shouldn’t admit to this, but wow! Dudes came today and cleaned the downstairs carpet. All of the mysterious black spots and yogurt stains and spat out cheerios are gone. Gone! The dog pee stains remain (alas) but I can pretend to overlook them while the rest of the carpet looks so shiny and new.

So, Guys With Gold Teeth (who made the wee-er one furrow her brow, point to their mouths and say quizzically "teef? teef?"), thanks for cleaning up my family’s filth. You rock.

By the way, GWGT? What does your schedule look like for next week? I’m sure we will have destroyed all your handywork waaaay before then. Maybe I could get you on a retainer.

Guys? Hello? Why are you running away so fast?

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