It’s time for Sousa again

you will never guess
not in one gamillion years
what happened last night

Click here for some very important background music.

The wee-er one slept in her own bed! All night long! Without nursing once! I KNOW!

It’s a miracle, but I can’t take credit for it. My mother-in-law is here and she slept in the wee-er one’s room with her last night. Apparently, though, the wee-er one woke only once with a small whimper and went back to sleep. When she sleeps with me, she wakes every hour and a half to kick me in the head, nurse, pinch me, nurse some more, and pull my hair.

This is quite an accomplishment. We are celebrating by being grouchy and demanding pirate booty.

3 thoughts on “It’s time for Sousa again

  1. Abby is slowly making the transition to her own bed, too. It’s in our room, though, so while my husband doesn’t get her heel slammed down into his eye anymore, we *do* still get to be kept awake by her snoring and sleep-talking. (“Noooo! The blue one!!”) I have a feeling that, as soon as she’s out for good, PJ is going to end up taking her place in our bed. That would be about par for our luck.


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