not the cool kid

wonder what it’s like
five hundred comments per post
mommy superstar

There are so many mommy blogs out there. I hardly read any of them.

Every now and then I will pop over to one of the super popular ones, but for some inexplicable reason I can’t read more than one or two posts without getting tremendously irritated. This makes no sense because a) I am basically a mommy blogger b) the posts that irritate me are sometimes pretty funny.

This leads me to believe that I don’t like popular people just because they’re popular and/or I am an asshole with problems stemming from buried jealousy and out-of-control egotism.

It’s interesting to me to think about this (I fault the rampant egotism). Am I really jealous of the Dooce’s out there? Not really. I don’t want people making satiric websites about how I’m screwing up my kids. That is something I am happy to do myself. But on the other hand, I see these sort of inside-joke-y posts from mamas who have just come back from some unnameable, unspeakable, top secret, invite-only mommy blogger advertising expo/conference type thing and I think, "Well, damn. It sure would be nice to be famous enough to get invited so that I could say Hell No."

It’s the same conundrum I’ve had since my school girl days. Would it be nice to be the girl who has a brand new outfit to wear to school everyday, and all the boys hanging off of her? Probably not as fun as you might think. Do I enjoy being the girl who wears the same sweatshirt three times a week and who starts the underground "newspaper" making fun of the Girl With The Clothes? Waaaay more fun than you would think.

So why do I feel such vitriol towards my "successful" "peers" out there? They could care less about me, which doesn’t bother me. I am happy to keep ignoring their blogs as a sort of continued protest against the mainstream (even though I am about as mainstream as one can get). And yet, I feel compelled every few months or so to drop by one of these blogs and be driven completely bonkers. Bonkers! For no reason!

It is like the local band going to see Pearl Jam and complaining the whole time about how much Eddie Vedder has sold out, even while buying the new album.

Surely there are other people who feel this way? We can start up the Snobby Blogger Conundrum Consortium. Fun! And we’re too old to get a detention because of it!

4 thoughts on “not the cool kid

  1. Thank you Kari! That is *exactly* how I feel sometimes being the only conservative in Haiku-Of-The-Day-ville.
    God Bless You.


  2. I don’t blame you for not wanting to “join the club,” and I wouldn’t want to either. Aren’t we all self-absorbed enough without airing all of our dirty laundry before the entire world? I love your blog, Kari, because you are funny and intelligent and you don’t take yourself oh so seriously. You go, girl, and just think about the quality time that you get to spend with your family rather than jetting around the country to see strangers.


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