I am grouchy

eyebrows in V shape
eyes are squinting, lips puckered
run now, while you can

I am grouchy right now. I was doing fine until I made an ill-fate decision to go through the drive-thru to pick up my vitamins at the pharmacy. It took FOREVER. There were only three other cars, in two lines, and yet, as the 20 minute mark rolled passed I was ready to drive over the grassy median and bolt.

Then, a stop to pick up french fries at Wendy’s. A little treat for the kids (and me) for having to wait so long in the car. Moron Wendy’s guy gives me some crazy ass backward wrong change and cannot figure out how to fix it. Finally fixes it. Fries too hot to eat.

Almost home. Three dudes are standing in the middle of the street waving at me. I think, "Fuck. Car-jacking." because it’s been that kind of errand-running trip. Nope. Not car-jacking, they are stopping two lanes of traffic – during a green light – so that a flatbed oversived semi-trailer can back out of a construction site. Ten minutes go by. The trailer at first almost tips over because the driver has taken out an entire curb and caused the trailer to go diagonal on the four wheels on the side (or six wheel, or whatever). Then he nearly jacknifes it. The light is green and then red and then green and then red and traffic is backed up a mile. Finally, the truck recovers, the crazy dudes exit the street, the truck blocks the turn lane during the green light, and eventually I make it around him and we get home.

Cold fries now. Very angry children. Grouchy mama.

Why do running errands have to be so difficult? Why am I always hungry and yet always nauseous? Why did we buy a house with stairs? Why is the dog shedding his aerodynamic ass hairs all over the couch? Why won’t Hillary Clinton drop out of the race before the whole democratic party goes up in flames? Why won’t my face stop breaking out? Why is the ice maker broken now that I finally want to use it?


Hmph. I have to go eat now. Because that is all I do. I am so tired of eating. Boo eating.

3 thoughts on “I am grouchy

  1. Oh man, that’s how I get when I’m pregnant, too–CONSTANT hunger, to the point of nausea, and thus CONSTANT eating. Though with pg #2 I discovered that it only lasted the first trimester if I could force myself to choke down protein at every meal and snack. (As opposed to eating only carbs like I did during pg #1 and being obscenely hungry the ENTIRE pregnancy, thus causing me to gain 75 pounds. Only 45 this time. Yay!)


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