ugh and whew and ugh

Take one 10-week pregnant mama + a giant scary horror show gush of blood + intense cramping + a panicked trip to the OB and what does that equal?

A sonogram of a healthy looking baby and a diagnosis of "sometimes this happens."

WTF? Sometimes "this" does happen to me, and it always ends up with me having outpatient surgery and a sad story.

I am mystified at what happened this morning. If I didn’t have video of the sonogram I wouldn’t believe it. I’m still having a hard time believing everything is OK. It doesn’t seem OK.

But I will be positive. I will think happy thoughts. I will embrace the morning sickness. I don’t know what else to do.

7 thoughts on “ugh and whew and ugh

  1. Oh, Mama! What a scary feeling. You’re right to embrace the morning sickness and trust the pictures you saw with your own eyes. That’s all you can do. I’ll keep you in my prayers.


  2. Big hugs to you, momma. How scary. I say you’ve earned yourself a day of lounging on the sofa doing absolutely nothing….call it ‘pelvic rest.’


  3. Same thing happened to my boss’s daughter,and she now has a beautiful 3 month old baby girl!!! Hang in there. Paryers are flying around you. You Are Loved.


  4. Kari, the same thing happened with my first–now a hyperkinetic 7 year old. Give yourself the week off. Make the husband stay home, get parents to come stay, whatever you have to do to call in the cavalry, but go to bed, put your feet up and stay there. It’s someone else’s turn to do the running around for a while. My mother forced me to do it, and I’m still thanking her for it. You’re in my thoughts.


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