let’s be creative

why sit and panic
make that big brain work for you
it owes us big time

OK. We need a better word for "spotting." Something more positive and less scary. Maybe a japanese-esque phrase would work.

Happy Life-Affirming Uterine Flecks

Super Fun Drops of Promise

Underwear Speck-tacular



Exciting Display of Womanly Prowess

rouge a la panties

Who else has a good idea? You guys are smart. Show me what you got.

2 thoughts on “let’s be creative

  1. Adventurous Rose Petals?
    Calling cards from an already-attention-demanding child?
    I’m so sorry you’re going through this, Kari. It’s SO unfair when a pregnancy is plagued with scariness. If it’s at all encouraging, I have a friend who bled through two pregnancies and had perfectly fine babies both times. Docs never figured out why. I’ll pray right now that this is just some weird fluke and that everything will continue to be normal!


  2. Baby postcards?
    I also have a friend who bled and cramped through her entire pregnancy and ended up with a beautiful, healthy baby girl.
    Good luck.
    (found your blog through livemom.com)


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