language fits and bursts
wee-er one dictionary
translates the yelling

The wee-er one is all kinds of chatty now. It’s improved her mood and mine because, you know, communicating is a good thing. She has a fantastic way of mixing sounds that I want to document because I know it won’t last long. So, without further ado, please enjoy the Wee-er One Abridged Dictionary of Common Words. Not in alphabetical order, because I am tired.

Memolade – lemonade
Head-o – Jello
Miss – kiss
Shit – seat or sit
Howsher – shower
Aught-tise – outside
Taco – Tucker
Poop – poop, or butt, depending on what she’s pointing at.
Ticky – cookie
hitchy – chicken
Bopper – diaper
tie – cry
hay – hair
bish – brush (as in teeth or hair)

There are more but I have to go collapse in a chair now. It would be nice if I could sleep again. Stupid sleep, forsaking me.

One thought on “memolade!

  1. Those are great! G adds an extra syllable to “outside,” making it “oww-sigh-side”
    He also tells us that we should go inside to work, and he’ll stay outside. Very generous.


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