A game!

if we make it fun
maybe it will become fun
let’s think positive

Here’s the first installment of a brand-new game!!!

What Just Made Kari Gag?

A) yawning

B) watching the wee-er one try to eat cheese and brush her teeth at the same time

C) seeing waterfalls of snot cascade from the wee-er one’s nose onto the bedsheets

D) all of the above

This game is too easy…

One thought on “A game!

  1. I am sure for you it is D, but C just made ME gag and I’m not pregnant!
    I don’t do snot all that well, which doesn’t bode well for me as my daughter is just getting over a cold and is now teething. Good times.
    I hope the morning sickness clears up for you soon. It’s no fun, I know.


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