filling them in….

happiness all round
let’s hope the sentiment lasts
these kids are so great

Yesterday, we told the kids about Mystery Baby. The wee one was very excited, though he pretended to be put out. "You mean there’s going to be one more baby I have to watch while you go to the bathroom?!" He asked in mock exasperation. Then he gave a little dance and asked why we had to wait and why couldn’t the baby come out right now and why don’t we call the baby Junie B. I told him that I would LOVE to expedite the next six months, but the Mystery Baby needs lots more time to cook and grow.

The wee-er one is still pretty little so she’s not 100% sure what’s going on. She did say, "Baby? Nap!" when she saw the sonogram. I asked her the other day what she would do with a baby and she pushed her doll off the bed and said, "Drop." So that seems promising.

I have felt terrible today, but I can tell you that, in general I have been feeling much better. No more baby postcards knock on wood. I think my problem today is a cold that’s kicking my ass. Is this just so boring? You don’t care about my cold.

Here’s a picture of the kids and their spill the beans t-shirts (that I made with the expert help of my friend Average Jane Crafter and my other friend, Mama Librarian [BLOG TO BE LINKED TO AS SOON AS SHE DECIDES ON BACKGROUND COLORS AND KICKS SOME STYLESHEET ASS AND TELLS ME IT’S OK TO GO CRAZY WITH THE LINKING].)


The shirts say "Little sister, Big sister, Best of Both Worlds" and "Knock, Knock, Who’s there? Ya. Ya Who? What are you getting so excited about? I’m excited about getting another sibling!" (The wee one loves these long ridiculous jokes.)

2 thoughts on “filling them in….

  1. I LOVE those shirts. what a clever, super-cute idea. And I love the knock-knock joke. too funny. can’t wait for #3 to come.


  2. HOW CUTE ARE YOU (found you through —love that photo)?!
    Im an austin mama who is also a writer (when my Toddler Tornado allows)—it’s a carnival ride, huh?


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