Elephants. They are sitting on my face.

pressure release valve
not behind ear or up my nose
implosion begins

I am sitting here possibly dying of a one-two sucker punch made up of bronchitis and a sinus thing. It’s only been since Wednesday night that I’ve felt like crap, but it seems to be getting worse. So I am on the couch, deliriously watching NASCAR for the first time and indiscriminately cursing under my breath every time I cough. For every hack I have, new parts of me hurt. How does coughing make the backs of your knees hurt? I don’t know, but it does.

Also, I am not taking my medicine, so I should probably stop complaining. But here is what the doctor said when she prescribed the Amoxicillan: This probably won’t work. You might need something stronger, but because you’re pregnant, let’s not upset your stomach anymore than it is already.

I appreciate her honesty. However, I wonder if any drugs would help. I mean, there weren’t any tests done to see if this is viral or bacterial – and the handout she gave me said bronchitis can be either one. And since I’m not spewing anything green, I’m figuring this is something I’m just going to have to wait out, as fun as that sounds.

When I was pregnant with the wee-er one I had some similar ailment and I took the abx like a good girl. You know what I got in return? A yeast infection ON MY TONGUE. Yes. It’s just as horrible as it sounds.

So I am sick and complain-y and blogging about gross things and I am sorry. There are lots of crashes in the NASCAR race, though, and that makes me kind of happy.

One thought on “Elephants. They are sitting on my face.

  1. Oh, Kari. Feel better and take the antibiotics already. Infections like that can drag on forever. And try to have a Happy Mother’s Day. I hope that they all did something fabulous for you.


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