hanging out, doing nothing, still falling asleep

finally quiet
finally out of the house
with trepidation

Things seem to be almost back to normal around here. Well, we’re still having a parade of relatives come by to stay with us so that I can keep taking it easy, but really, things are much better (knock on wood).

I’d say I’m getting cabin fever, but last week, we spent four of the seven days at various doctor’s offices. The pharmacist at Target now knows us by name – and sight. The wee-er one has been smacked with a killer ear infection, poor baby. We don’t get a lot of ear infections around here, so we’re new to the numbing ear drops. Holy shit those things seem to really work. She had some drops at 10:30 and is still asleep three hours later. I’m actually starting to worry because she NEVER naps for this long. She’s going to be hongry when she wakes up.

We’re also planning the wee one’s 6th birthday party, so I got a trip out of the house yesterday to go to the toy store. Hooray!

Wanna know something else exciting? I have a sneak peek of the cover art for my book, due out next May. As soon as my editor gives me the OK, I’ll post it. It. Is. So. Cool.

Thanks for all your continued good thoughts and everything. What a spectacularly horrible week last week was. I can only hope things get better for real.

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