No, spot, no. Stop, spot, stop.

"taking it easy"
much easier to do this
before The Google

Still trapped on couch. Spotting started back up this morning. I’m not sure how I can say this eloquently, but:


So I am coping with worry by going into debt. I just bought an iPhone. Hahahaha. For real. I did it. On the AT&T site. It’s a refurb, so I did save a little bit. And my current contract is up in 4 days, and I need to be able to blog from the next inevitable hospital visit. Right? Of course right! Minute-by-minute. Blow-by-blow. Liveblogging the chaos. Twittering the panic. Taking pictures of the ER docs who are Extremely Well Groomed. I see this all happening in my future – in your future. All thanks to bedrest and the insanity it produces.

Also, I bought three shirts on the Anthropologie site (on sale!).

Someone should probably take this computer away from me. But at least buying things prevents me from googling "bleeding 14 weeks" which is, if you didn’t already know, very inadvisable.

Hmmm. What else can I do? Work? Download TV shows? Buy a fetal heart monitor for $443? The choices are endless.

2 thoughts on “No, spot, no. Stop, spot, stop.

  1. Are you far enough along for those combo baby monitor/fetal monitors you see at the Baby’s R Us to work?
    I can still remember at about 16 weeks I started spotting again and laid back in the recliner to hopefully stop it… then I felt a swift kick to the area where the placenta was attached followed by a squirt. Even the baby was out to get me. At least I still knew he was ok, though 😛


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