Electrifying news

lightning is pretty
but not inside your bedroom
then, it is scary

So. The night before last we had a short thunderstorm. Nothing worse than usual, and certainly nothing like the one that ripped out trees and blew out windows and tore up cars all through Austin a few weeks ago.


At 4:50am there was a blinding flash outside of my bedroom window. At the exact same time there was a blinding flash INSIDE my bedroom! A whirling ball of static/lightning shot out of the idle TV into the center of the room! Holy shit! I jumped about 14 feet when I saw it. And the zzzzzzaaaap boom of the lightning and thunder was kind of scary, too. My husband slept through the whole thing.

The crazy thing is that the power never went off and the house didn’t catch on fire and the alarm clock that was plugged into the same "surge protector" as the TV wasn’t hurt at all. Also, the downstairs TV, which is connected to the stricken TV by the same cable cord via a splitter, wasn’t hurt either. The zapped TV, however, is toast. It has gone to TV heaven to cavort with other electrocuted televisions.

Now we have a 20", 7,000 lb. paperweight on our dresser. I am actually very happy it’s fried, because as much as I love TV, I hate having one in my bedroom. But my husband is very sad. He is going to have to take time to mourn. Then he is going to try and talk me into moving the downstairs TV upstairs and getting a fancy hang-on-the-wall TV for downstairs. If this couch time persists for me, though, he may not have to worry. I will just buy some TVs online and we will be all set.

Anyway, how about that? Lightning INSIDE the house! What else can happen to make this week exciting? I’m almost afraid to ask.

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