way more than you want to know

the doctor/artist
should sell frames in his office
or maybe xanax

OK. So here’s the trouble, courtesy of my doctor:

Note the placenta on the left, the clot on the right, and my poor cervix getting clobbered in the middle by both of them. The arrows shooting out of the baby’s head indicate fetal movement whacking into everything and causing bleeding. The outside arrows indicate my movement whacking into everything and causing bleeding. The whole thing indicates me, on the couch, brooding to the new She & Him album (fantastically awesome, by the way. I am now in love with Zooey Deschanel) for ever and ever.

So there you have it. Everything’s all jacked up in my lady parts. The marginal previa will hopefully fix itself within the next four weeks or so and the clot will hopefully reabsorb. My doctor said – and I quote – "I think everything will be fine. There’s a strong heartbeat." This is not the 100% glowing, confidant statement I would like to hear, but I guess I’ll take it.

We saw lots of baby ribs in the ultrasound today. Ribs!

5 thoughts on “way more than you want to know

  1. Thanks for the update and translation. I’m glad things are relatively ok. I hope your couch is comfortable! I managed to get a dissertation written during my couch time when I was pregnant… but I wasn’t watching a small tornado destroy my house, either.


  2. More prayers and good thoughts for you and mystery baby! You stay on that couch as long as you need to – I’m sure Tutu has everything under control!
    You Are Loved.


  3. I’m glad there’s somewhat good and conclusive news. Please, please let me know if there is anything you need! I am close!


  4. My mother had placenta previa. They put her on bedrest for most of her pregnancy to be safe. The babies were fine. (She had twins – are you having twins? 😉


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