more than you wanted to know part II

All is well – or as well as it gets these days. Turns out the placenta has moved a bit (yay!), but the clot is now over my cervix (boo!). So the baby moves or I move and trouble ensues. Hopefully the clot will reabsorb soon and all will be well. Maybe I will name the clot.

Annoying McPainintheass seems like a good one.

All this means is that I am back on the couch. After 8 days of nothing, I ventured out last weekend, did the car thing, did a Target run and I guess that was all too much. Maybe I will just drive around all day in the new minivan, listening to the free XM radio and testing out the cruise control. It feels like driving around on a couch, so that has to count for something. Right?

17 weeks and 2 days. Almost half-way done.

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