Hair barrettes or efficient instruments of torture?

like a newborn chick
uncontrollably fluffy
supersonic noise

The wee-er one is growing hair! At nearly two-years-old (!!!) you’d think this might not be big news, but she was a baldy for quite some time. (She can also now purposely make noises only dolphins can hear – hence the haiku.)

Now that her hair is coming in, it’s all wispy and crazy. Imagine the giant vat that carnies use to make cotton candy. There are always fluffy tendrils of sugar swaying over the side. This is like the wee-er one’s head. I feel like I could find a paper handle, hold it over her noggin, spin her around, and end up with a confectionary delight. I also feel like her hair should be pink or baby blue or yellow.

So she has this new hair. We’re looking for ways to contain it, play with it, keep it clean and otherwise make it look girly and adorable. Well, I say "we" but I should say "I." She will have nothing to do with barrettes or tiny rubberbands. She may tolerate one or the other long enough to look in the "mir" but then she yanks it out, tries to eat it, and either feeds it to the dog or tries to stick it in a place barrettes and rubberbands should never go.

I’m wondering if there are any hair accoutrements that will not choke her when she eats them? Perhaps rubber cement? That seems like a bad idea. Maybe the barrettes will just pass through when she eats them. This, I should not depend on, I think. Hmm. I guess we will wait on the cute pony tails and stuff.

The wispy duck look is pretty cute.

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