look at me

cushioned fake leather
caresses giant hiney
well, not THAT giant

I am sitting at my desk (!) going over the copyedits to my manuscript (!) that were just overnighted to me (!). I feel fancy and professional and like a real writer. Fun!

I kind of have to pretend that I understand what all of the proofreading marks mean, though. But that’s OK. It gives me that familiar poser feeling. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

You know what’s awesome? That it takes at least three people, overnight delivery, a black pen, a red pen, a green sharpie, and return delivery to determine that a doorframe has to have an indentation and not a divot, because a divot is technically a piece of turf.

There is nothing better than being a writer. And I’m not being sarcastic at all.

3 thoughts on “look at me

  1. Amen, sister! It’s the best thing ever. I’m cracking up at the indentation vs. divot revelation. I would have gone with divot, too–besides not knowing that it is specific to grass (though I guess if I’d thought hard enough maybe hubby’s golf terminology would have come to mind) it’s just a nicer word than “indentation.” Maybe “dimple?”


  2. From an oldtimer newspaperman, DENT works pretty nicely and is short, too, in case it needs to be worked into a headline! Ha.


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