it’s time to get things started

pigs and frogs and bears
rats and dogs and fuzzy things
no show can beat it

The family has been hunkered by the warming glow of the TV watching hours of the Muppet Show for the past few days. I really had forgotten how amazing that show was. Funny for the kids, funny for the grown-ups, funny for the weirdos, funny for everyone!

Why aren’t there shows like this anymore? It’s a variety show that’s smart. There’s nothing dirty or gross or foul, just good fun. And I know I sound dangerously close to one of those people who are like "TV is the devil! Wholesome family shit is where it’s at!" and you know that’s not me. But I do admit that at 7pm on a Sunday night it would be nice to sit down with the wee one and watch a modern version of the Muppet Show. The Muppets wouldn’t complete by blowing flames out their asses. They wouldn’t eat animal testicles. They wouldn’t purposely be bad singers and insulting. There would be no judging at all!

I guess if they had Muppets on the Daily Show, we’d be almost there, but even so… not the same. The Muppets are not educational. They are weird and pretty much a-political. I love them.

Where can I find the 21st century version of Marvin Suggs and the Muppaphones?


2 thoughts on “it’s time to get things started

  1. If you find a show that meets those requirements, please post about it!
    I’ve bought several sets of The Muppet Show DVDs because I love it and now my four-year-old loves it.


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