excellent plan

bath laundry combo
plus the grass gets a big drink
it’s a win-win-win!

After a day of lasagna, mac and cheese, a variety of yummy ADD-inducing-colored candy, guacamole and some mango juice, the wee-er one’s new shirt is looking mighty fine. The wee-one’s shirt is not faring much better and he didn’t even "eat" the lasagna.

So what’s a tired mommy to do?

I’ll tell you what.

Put some goggles on the kids, turn on the backyard sprinkler, fill their water guns with Spray n’ Wash, and sit back with a cold drink – watching from the safety of the kitchen window, of course.

Did I actually do this? Nah. Did I seriously contemplate it? You bet. Instead, my loving spouse has been coerced into laundry duty. It might not be as fun as watching the kids shoot corrosive detergent onto each other, but it’s still pretty satisfying.

Ah, Sunday. The surprises you bring are always highly anticipated.

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