Summer book… impressions

a whore for free books
twirling belt at the mailbox
waiting for next fix

A while back the publisher of Haiku Mama (Quirk Books) asked if I wanted a copy of a couple of new books they were publishing. I could read them at my lehzure and then, you know, if I wanted to talk about them on the blog, that would be super.

I’ve been sitting on these books because things have been crazy, but now I’ve finally had a chance to really look at them and they’re pretty fun.

The first one is Margarita Mama by Alyssa Gusenoff. You can buy it here and use the code THIRSTY MOMMY to receive 25% off your entire order. *cough maybe you could pick up a copy of Haiku Mama, too cough*.

Margarita Mama showed up in the mailbox on a perfect day. I was feeling a little queasy and quizzically craving an alcoholic beverage at the same time. (This is par for the course for being pregnant in the summer in Texas, isn’t it? Is it just me? Probably just me.)

So seeing a book about mocktails was super excellent. I propped it up on the kitchen counter and searched for something to make immediately. Of course, I had no ginger ale or fruit or yogurt or juice or really anything you can make drinks with. A quick trip to the store, though, solved all that.

My particular favorites are the On The Rocks drinks. I get so tired of drinking water all the time and I really miss my Cokes, so whipping up a quick, bubbly Cool Baby (pineapple juice, club soda) or a Hot Mama (tomato juice, lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, lime) add a nice variety to my liquid intake.

The recipes are all very simple and yummy. Smoothies, dessert drinks, wannabe margaritas – there’s a nice variety of stuff to chug. Go take a look!

The next book is The Rookie Mom’s Handbook by Heather Gibbs and Whitney Moss. You can find it here. This book has 250 activities to do with (and without) your baby. For a lazy person like me, this all seems very daunting. Is this because I am no longer a rookie mom? Is it because I’m cynical and I think suggestions like #17 Pretend You’re In Paris! Take Your Baby To A Cafe are kind of lame? Not sure. But even for a lazy person like me who considers quality time with the kids to be laying on the floor sound asleep while they trounce on my head, there are some fun and smart suggestions in this book.

I particularly like #122 Drive By The Hospital. Sure it sounds a little morbid, but for a hypochondriac like me, it’s perfect. Pile the kids in the car for a "joyride" and map out the closest route to the ER. Hooray!

I also like #141 Document Examples Of Bad Parenting. This one tells you to take pictures of the ridiculous situations you get yourself (and your kid) into by letting the tyke do things everyone tells you not to. Baby wants to hold the beer bottle? Take a picture!

Both of these books would make a fun gift for a mom-to-be, and not just for her shower. Find some gigantic pregnant friend who is possibly miserable and definitely sweaty and give her a book out of the blue. She’ll love it… and you. And sales will go up and Quirk will keep sending me free books.


A twoooo ves-sel cord…

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip
That started with a lack of pills
And a "don’t worry" quip.
The results have been a surprise each day,
With previa, clots and more.
And just today we saw ourselves
A two vessel cord, a two vessel cord.
The mind, it started acting up,
Worst sce-nar-i-os were tossed,
If not for the courage of the fearless doc
The sanity would be lost, the sanity would be lost.
The trip is a never-ending one, exhausting ever more
With Wee-er One
The Wee One too,
The mystery babe and his cord,
The stuuuuuupid dog
The daddy-o and Kari Anne,
Here all crashed on the floooor.

Hair barrettes or efficient instruments of torture?

like a newborn chick
uncontrollably fluffy
supersonic noise

The wee-er one is growing hair! At nearly two-years-old (!!!) you’d think this might not be big news, but she was a baldy for quite some time. (She can also now purposely make noises only dolphins can hear – hence the haiku.)

Now that her hair is coming in, it’s all wispy and crazy. Imagine the giant vat that carnies use to make cotton candy. There are always fluffy tendrils of sugar swaying over the side. This is like the wee-er one’s head. I feel like I could find a paper handle, hold it over her noggin, spin her around, and end up with a confectionary delight. I also feel like her hair should be pink or baby blue or yellow.

So she has this new hair. We’re looking for ways to contain it, play with it, keep it clean and otherwise make it look girly and adorable. Well, I say "we" but I should say "I." She will have nothing to do with barrettes or tiny rubberbands. She may tolerate one or the other long enough to look in the "mir" but then she yanks it out, tries to eat it, and either feeds it to the dog or tries to stick it in a place barrettes and rubberbands should never go.

I’m wondering if there are any hair accoutrements that will not choke her when she eats them? Perhaps rubber cement? That seems like a bad idea. Maybe the barrettes will just pass through when she eats them. This, I should not depend on, I think. Hmm. I guess we will wait on the cute pony tails and stuff.

The wispy duck look is pretty cute.

more than you wanted to know part II

All is well – or as well as it gets these days. Turns out the placenta has moved a bit (yay!), but the clot is now over my cervix (boo!). So the baby moves or I move and trouble ensues. Hopefully the clot will reabsorb soon and all will be well. Maybe I will name the clot.

Annoying McPainintheass seems like a good one.

All this means is that I am back on the couch. After 8 days of nothing, I ventured out last weekend, did the car thing, did a Target run and I guess that was all too much. Maybe I will just drive around all day in the new minivan, listening to the free XM radio and testing out the cruise control. It feels like driving around on a couch, so that has to count for something. Right?

17 weeks and 2 days. Almost half-way done.